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What are the benefits of Acrylic-Bamboo Carpets and Polypropylene Carpets?


What are the benefits of Acrylic-Bamboo Carpets and Polypropylene Carpets?


Carpets are a great way to add texture to a room without any significant investment. Interior designers often include area rugs and carpets when they are designing homes and decorating spaces. There are a lot of varieties of carpets that are available in the market; among those, apart from Persian carpets and Turkish carpets, bamboo acrylic carpets and Polypropylene carpets have become extremely popular in recent times.


Let's look at some of the reasons for their growing popularity.


Benefits of Acrylic bamboo carpets


Acrylic bamboo carpets look great in a well-furnished setting. This is the perfect carpet for anyone who wants something light and is not willing to spend too much on floor coverings. Also, this is a top choice for those who want to use green products in their houses. The benefits of Acrylic bamboo carpets are as follows:


  • These carpets are extremely eco-friendly. Since they are made from natural sources like bamboo, they do not cause any harm to the environment. Also, since they are mainly made from grass, it can be used to produce as many Acrylic bamboos many times.


  • Unlike other carpets, which can be a headache to clean, Acrylic bamboo carpets are low maintenance. To keep them clean, you only need to use a vacuum cleaner or just a broom to sweep off the dust from the carpet. If you spill anything, you can just use some cleaning agent that is designed for cleaning Acrylic bamboo carpets.


  • Buying a carpet will not require you to rob a bank! They are extremely affordable and come in a variety of choices like you can find bamboo silk rugs, which look great look as luxurious as original silk rugs.


  • Bamboo carpets also tend to be water-resistant so you can damper a piece of cloth and spot clean the area that has been stained.


  • Acrylic bamboo carpets tend to be quite durable for their price. Also, their non-skid feature means they will not move away from their place.


When you are buying Acrylic bamboo rugs, make sure that you are buying it from a manufacturer that is well known for providing good quality carpets.


Benefits of Polypropylene Carpets


Wool carpets and silk carpets look gorgeous, but they are very expensive. If you cannot buy those rugs, do not worry, there are a lot of choices in your price range like the Polypropylene carpets, which are cheaper but equally colorful and will liven up your space! Here are some of the benefits of Polypropylene carpets:


  • Since they are made of artificial materials, they come cheap. But cheap does not mean the quality is bad. The carpets feel quite soft to the touch but maybe not as soft as a wool carpet. But you will not be able to tell the difference unless you really examine them side by side.


  • If you want something cheap combined with durability, polypropylene carpets are the right ones for you. They offer great durability.


  • Since colors are added before the fiber production takes place, the color tends to stay consistent and does not fade away even after years of use. The beautiful vibrant colors give your place a luxurious look at an affordable price. You can find colorful Patchwork rugs which look amazing in a contemporary setting.


  • These carpets do not get stained easily. If you have kids or pets, these carpets are your best option. No matter how many times they spill the milk or the coffee, you can just clean it up with a special carpet cleaning detergent.


  • These rugs are mostly used in homes and offices and in areas that experience high traffic. The manufacturers tend to produce these rugs keeping such things in mind.


  • Resistant to moisture is another quality of these carpets that make them a popular choice for homeowners that tend to stay in regions that have foggy climates or damp weather almost all the time. These carpets can be washed easily and also dries up pretty quickly!


  • If you are worried about your carpets smelling bad, you can kiss your worries goodbye because Polypropylene carpets are not porous, which means they do not retain bad smells or odors.


  • Direct sunlight does not cause any damage to these carpets, and also these carpets do not cause any allergies.


Buy carpets online


Buying carpets is a headache if you do not know what size you require, and also the huge amount of choices can make anyone confused. Showrooms often display luxurious carpets, but these tend to be highly pricey and hence out of your budget. But showrooms are not your online option. You can buy carpets online as well from reputed sellers like Abrash Carpets.


Luxurious carpets cost a lot of money, but Abrash Carpets offer luxury carpets in Dubai at very low prices. You can also find Bursa vintage rugs at great deals on the site. You can check all the details before buying from the manufacturer and the place of origin, even the material. Shopping carpets online means you can get these expensive carpets at half prices. The seller is reliable and only sells high-quality carpets.


The stock in showrooms is limited. You may have to literally go carpet hunting if you want that perfect carpet. Do not waste your time going through different showrooms, trying to find something that is within your budget. Try online carpet shopping, where you can find varieties of carpets in one place, while just sitting at your home. The stock also tends to the endless online carpet shopping sites.


Apply filters like crafting technique, price, carpet pattern, material, color, fabric, size, and thickness to shorten your list of choices. Read through all the details carefully before hitting the buy button. Do not forget to check the pictures and, if needed, zoom in on the pictures to see the design in more detail.  Online shopping offers you countless payment options from COD to E-wallet to internet banking.


After you have made your purchase, spend your time furnishing your place till the carpets arrive!