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Al Abrash adventure started by revamping wool rugs in hands early 1996 to its perfect condition today. We have created a unique style that helped us build and maintain our own customers and followers base.

Starting out with the believe that the Best Brands Are the Ones That Build “Belonging”, Abrash has brought together products that increases the quality of life and appeal to the eyes, while maintaining an ever-increasing number of customers.

Having a wide selection of unique carpets, we have decided to expand to the Middle East in 2013, where we have established a solid customers base in the UAE.

Al Abrash carpets are being manufactured in our factory in Istanbul and shipped directly to our customers all over the world.


Our Business Concept

  • Abrash's first rule is to be honest with its Employees, Business Partners and Customers. This is the most important principle that makes us different.
  • Abrash believes that "Human Value" are more important than trade. That’s why we care about the relationship we have with our customer.
  • Abrash considers "Adding Value" to our Employees, Business Partners and Customers, and "Produce Value" together the most important factor of our success.
  • Abrash has adopted the philosophy of "Hard Work" in order to compete with the leading companies in the UAE.
  • Abrash realizes the fact that we cannot collect all kinds of rugs, and we enjoy working with Business Partners.

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