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Everything You Need to Know about Carpets


Some people like their places decorated and clean, while some prefer simple design and minimalism. No matter whichever one you rely on, textured flooring can make any space look stunning. The floor is the first place of physical interaction with your space. Hence, one should give the sheer importance of its appearance and feel.

When talking about texturing, nothing fits better than custom-made carpets that can cope up with the furniture, colors, patterns, and openness of a room! Usually, there are tons of carpet dealers found on and out of the internet. Home refurbishing businesses are now everywhere! But to come across the right one can be challenging. 

Things to consider before buying the perfect carpet.

As an architect or an interior designer, carpet preferences can vary. Some can go with modern carpet designs, while some can strictly adhere to the traditional.  

Surely, the carpet specialist will guide you to your preferred design of the carpet. But, to improve the choice of luxury carpets in Dubai, a little of research can be helpful. 

  • Common Textures & Basics

The carpet texture is determined by three important yarn factors while in the making – the cut, volume, and twist tightness. To make a modern carpet more durable, over one yarn of ply yarn is twisted together. The tighter the twist, the stronger the pile gets. The soft carpets might be soft to touch, but they aren’t long-lasting. There are twisted yarns in the best of carpets which will last longer and give a heat-set performance. 

  • Machine-made carpets VS handmade carpets: What to look for?

In handmade carpets, the weaving and knots differ. They are not even and uniform at every angle. The best way to know if a carpet is handwoven is to look at the backside. A machine-made carpet will look even, knot-free, and textured on the backside. 

The luxury carpets in Dubai show a prolific collection of both the variants. Besides flipping every carpet, there are other factors to know if a modern carpet is handmade or machine woven:

  • Study the edges of the rug.
  • Looking at the fringes of the carpet.

How to choose the right size and color of carpets?

Décor starts with a creative portrait of ideas and accessory. A classic oriental can glide effortlessly with just a piece of natural jute under the same roof if the whole set is properly understood. 

  • Sense of style

If you have custom-made carpets design in your head, go with it. A specific design can be intimidating to someone, a specific shape can uplift the aura of a room. Trust your instincts. If you like the carpet today, tomorrow it will be a part of you!

  • The Right Size

A tad bit of research on area measurement of custom-made carpets is necessary. Here are some guidelines:

  • Select sizes that cover at least the length and size of the furniture of the living room. A rug of 5’x8’ – 6’x9’ is a decent size for a living room to cluster furniture along with some private space. 
  • A dining room modern carpet should be large to cover the chairs once pulled for a seating. Start by measuring the table, distancing the chairs before buying the perfect rug for the dining space. 
  • For wooden flooring, keep at least 18 to 24 inches of flooring intact after setting the carpet. 
  • Colors & Designs

Don’t have to be unique. If a regular color enhances the beauty of your space, go with that. The only guideline to select the best for your room is to take a hand on the color palette. 

The basics techniques to improve the hunt for colorful carpets are here:

  • If the room has a solid color sofa, get a patterned rug. Choose from amazing collections of geometric designs, Vintage prints, patchworks, and Altay carpets in Dubai.
  • The secondary color of the rug should match the color of your sofa. The third color shall be like the pillows, drapes, wall color, and other design & decoration of the entire room. 
  • If the room already has colors & patterns with elaborated designs, go for a simple solid-colored carpet. 
  • The solid color carpet must be complementary to the sofa color. It should match the color of the room, vase, ceiling, artwork, and other details. 

A rug can enhance the overall appearance of the room. A darker shade defines the intimacy of the room while a light color can make a small corner appear airy and large. Warm tones such as orange, red, yellow can make the room appear warm while icy tones can make the room appear cool and relaxing if you have a sunlit space. 

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  1. Why should people choose carpets online?

Typing ‘Carpet store near me’ on the search engine can bring hundreds of beautiful carpets.

  • There are a lot of varieties to look at from an online store.
  • Good quality.
  • Showcases how it looks in a room.
  • You can buy any carpet from anywhere in the world if it allows shipping.
  • Durable
  1. Can I use the floor carpet daily? Is it kids friendly?

Selecting a lighter color can cost more maintenance. But, if the right fiber is chosen, for example, BCF fiber like STAINMASTER, children playing on the floor will not affect the material.

  1. What is the guide to lighting for a perfect carpet?

Airy rooms with plenty of sunlight can reflect the actual color and design of the carpet. It is advisable to choose carpets in contrast to the walls & furniture for better reflection of colors.

  1. How to maintain a good carpet?

Regular vacuum cleaning and occasional deep cleaning with professional help can maintain a carpet for a long time.