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Most affordable and huge Variants of Turkish Carpets


Deniz Dinc |

Home is where you find peace and forget about all your problems outside, such as work stress, traffic on busy roads and planning for the future. Thus, we are all waiting for the weekend to rest at home.

Home decoration has an effect on our psychology, success and mood. Everyone deserve to live like king and queens. When we say home decoration, there are a lot of things that comes to your mind, starting from the picture on the wall, the color of the sofa where you lie down after a long day and most importantly carpets in order to make sure that all your furniture are matching together.

Historically, all houses, villas and even where kings are living in palaces, carpets has a huge effect. However, these days its really hard to find the original handmade historical Turkish carpets, and even if you find it it will not be affordable.

We are at abrash carpets provides you with the most unique carpets ever found, that are a minimum of 40-60 years old at an affordable price. We are bringing them to your door to make you see how the variety of our over TURQUOISE dyed rugs will match your home.