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How to Choose the Right Carpet Size for Your Rooms?


Does the bare floor is looking too pale in your living or bedroom? Then you can buy a carpet for your room. There are plenty of styles, designs, colors, and sizes, you are sure to choose the one carpet that suits your room the best. You not only increase the beauty of your place but you also increase the sustainability of your home.

You can improve the beauty and value of the place by adding a beautiful and gorgeous carpet. You can get amazing modern carpets designs at amazing online stores. Carpets are far more environmentally sustainable; it protects your floors from getting faded or ruined.

You can either try to make the carpet your focal point or you can choose a carpet that does not draw much attention from your guests. But no matter what your purpose is behind buying a carpet, you need to choose the right size for your room.

Choosing a Rug According to the Size of Your Room

Buying a carpet is just not about checking out the design and purchasing. You have to be extremely technical while going to buy a carpet for your place. or else you might end up with a carpet that is either too big or too small.  It can be a real tough job to find the right rug for your room. As it is going to be the main focus piece of your room thus you need to put extra care while buying it. The size of the carpet will simply depend on how you want to lay your carpet. If you are looking for carpets in UAE you can buy it online.  Here are the various ideas in which you can place your carpet and decide the right carpet size –

  • Covering the Full Area –

If you are thinking of covering most of the floor with the carpet then assure the fact that you have some extra carpet area from the edge of all your furniture. It does not give a nice look when your carpet ends just at the edge of your furniture. A 4-8 inch of extra space from the edge of your carpet can give you the perfect look. You do not have to reach out all the way to the walls. You do not need to follow this rule if your sofa is placed against the wall. Now you just need to measure the area with tape, make sure you are leaving ample space to walk.

  • Keeping the First Legs of Furniture on the Rug –

In this layout, you just need to make sure that only the first legs of your sofa set or chairs are on the carpet, but not the full carpet. You need to assure that the carpet is at least 4-6 inches under the furniture. This layout will make your place look spacious. It is ideal to place the carpet is under the furniture as half of the length of furniture. Make your purchase according to that. Also, make sure there is enough space to freely move around. Take out the measuring tape and get your measurement for the rug.

  • Rug Just Beneath the Center Table –

If you are thinking of placing your rug just beneath the center table then it is just fine. In such a case the rug becomes more of a centerpiece than you want it to be. You will just need to make sure that the carpet is some inches longer from the edge of your center table from all the sides. You will also want to assure you that there is some space left between the rug and the sofa or chair. This will give your place the perfect look. You just need to measure the area and buy a rug in the same measurement. You can get carpets 3x4, it is a common size ideal for this layout.

No matter how you do it, the best idea is to always measure the place with a tailor measuring tape before you make a purchase. Do not put your furniture too close just for the sake of fitting them inside the carpet. It will kill the look.

Buying Carpets Online

Keeping the current situation in mind many people are choosing online shopping over going to any store or malls. But, the best part about online shopping is that you get a lot of varieties, just sitting at the ease of your home. You can go through multiple sites, from your laptop or phone. You might even find the best carpet store near me, who has an online site, from which you can choose. Here are some benefits of buying carpets online –

  • You get too many stores, at just sitting at your home and surfing from your phone.
  • You get too many varieties online. You will not even have any problem regarding the size as there are too many options online.
  • There are return and refund policy in these stores. These stores are quite reliable and trustworthy.
  • There is a safe payment option. There are multiple options for payment from cash on delivery to card payments, you can choose the one you like.

Abrash Carpets

Abrash Carpets is the biggest and best carpets store you will find online. There is no way that you will not be able to find the carpet that you are looking for. They also have in store some of the most gorgeous carpets at half price. They have a huge variety of designs in carpets. You are sure to find the right carpet size for you.

In Conclusion

It is extremely important to check the size of the carpet before you make a purchase. Make sure you have measured the area you want to be covered properly, according to the layout you want. Most of the carpets are not compatible to be tailored. You can check out the online sites to get some of the best options available in carpets or rugs.