We are living in a digitalizing world day by day. The longing for analogue life is increasing day by day. and industrial production makes access to these products difficult.

Tumbled carpet models in our collection consist of hand-woven carpets woven with wool and cotton ropes. carpets that do not have the current colors are painted. Repairing in one corner, ripped carpets cut and re-combined with hand-stitched patchwork carpet is made.

The carpets in the Apex antique carpets collection are old and are original hand-woven carpets. We can call it.

Among our antique carpets;

Painted and natural vintage carpets, woven from 1920 to 1970s
Woven retro carpets in the 1960s and 70s,
Iranian carpets belonging to different regions,
Karabakh rugs used as wall rugs in Karabakh and Moldova
Rugs woven in different regions of Anatolia,
There are patchwork carpets made by reassembling with hand sewing.
The prices of antique carpets, which are all produced from hand woven and natural yarns, do not determine the yarn and weight it touches.

It includes motifs belonging to the period and region it touched,
The condition of the carpet, condition. For the carpets in very good condition, the term “freckle” or “chest goods kullanılır is used.
Weaving shape and frequency .Carpets, rugs or tulle.
You can carry the feeling of living to your home by using antique carpets in your decoration. Antique carpet models are also suitable for office decoration.