It is recommended to pay attention to the following items so that you can use your carefully produced hair and dust-free carpet with the elegance of the first day for many years.


General use

Your carpet should not be whipped, beaten or swept with the brushless ends of the vacuum cleaner.
Coffee table, armchair etc. placed on your carpet. If there are items, the places should be changed from time to time so that they do not make marks, and the contacted places should be swept with the brushless ends of the vacuum cleaner.
When you are not using your carpet, you should keep it in a roll-free environment.

Stain Removal

If something is spilt on your carpet, action should be taken very quickly.

In such cases, the excess liquid should be absorbed by applying a paper towel and a buffer before dispensing liquid, and cleaning agents (such as bleach) containing bleach chemicals should never be used.
The area where the liquid is poured should be wiped with cold water and natural soap after the buffer application.
Wiping should be done with the help of a soft and white cloth in the direction of the pile, so as not to disperse the stain; hard scrubbing should be avoided in a circular or counterclockwise direction.
The cleaned area should not be stepped on until it is completely dry.

Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning of your carpet, support should be obtained from professional carpet washing centres. It should be emphasized that heavy chemical cleaners containing Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic) should not be used during washing.
After cleaning, the carpet should be dried on the floor in a short time without hanging.
Your carpet should not be used when it is wet and should be protected from direct sunlight.
For professional carpet maintenance and cleaning, you can consult the sales point where you are.