carpet color

“Color selection is made to create four different effects in rooms. These effects are refreshment, warmth, coldness or warmness. In addition, the color selected on the carpet is also related to how much you want to emphasize the floor. Anız You can choose your carpet neutral color and pattern less.

The choice of gray colors is enough to leave the background in the background. In this way, you will put the furniture of your home in the foreground.
If you think that your furniture is not glamorous enough and you need to draw attention to the floor; your carpet should be light colored and patterned.


Choice of warm, warm or cold colors
Undoubtedly, the effect of colors is great in providing the desired environment in the rooms. The use of warm colors is common in northern and eastern cultures. In the south and west, the preference of cold colors is outstanding.

To make the room warmer, yellow, orange or bluish red colors should be chosen. To make the room cooler, colors such as blue or yellowish green can be preferred.

The appearance of one room from another room offers two options. These rooms will either be connected using common colors or they will be decorated with different colors and will be separated from each other. The fact that the carpets on the floors of the two rooms are different is useful for separating the rooms.

If you have a pet and it is constantly shedding, the carpet of the room in which it will be located should be chosen the same color as the animal's feathers, thus eliminating the necessity to sweep the carpet constantly.

Furniture in the room is also important in choosing the color of the carpet. Wood tones never match some colors, but there are also colors that match. Therefore, when going to buy carpets, always compare the colors of the carpets with the color of your furniture.

Preference of light, medium and dark shades
Light colors give a refreshing effect. The effect of dark colors is relaxing and warm. Midtone shadows do not make a difference in our perception. Light colors' ability to reflect light makes rooms brighter, while dark colors absorb light, giving the room a darker look.

The most important feature of the medium tones is this color easy cleaning of carpets. While the white colors show the dirt immediately, the lint formed as a result of fluffing on the dark carpets appears more clearly.

A large carpet always looks darker at home. Ground is a big area. Covering the whole floor, the carpet intensifies the color. For this reason, there is a difference in darkness between the small sample of the same carpet and the large carpet. Selecting a deficit of the desired color tone from the carpet samples will allow you to reach the tone you intend.

Choice of dull, softened and bright colors
Brightly colored carpets add mobility to the room and are not suitable if a quiet room environment is desired. The colors softened by adding a little gray can be preferred in calm and long-term environments. If the room is used very often and the carpet is worn, neutral, dull or soft colors should be preferred because these colors camouflage the dirt.


Different room environments created by carpets

Quiet and peaceful room
Colors: Great color contrasts should be avoided for a peaceful environment. Dark and light variations of color tones on a monochrome carpet are suitable for creating a calm environment.

It is wise to use dark colors on the ground, because dark colors are gravity-compatible. The colors are cold; green and blue are relaxing. Gray and darker colors also provide peace of mind. In the afternoon, when we turn gray with the setting sun, we feel peaceful because gray softens every color.

Simplicity: Pattern always brings vitality, but there is no need for vitality in a room where peace and comfort are aimed. If the pattern is desired, this pattern may be a less noticeable but beauty-adding pattern on the carpet.

Surface: Carpets with soft and flat flooring provide comfort. As well as providing comfort to the touch, such carpets absorb noise.

Live and moving room
Colors: Bright, warm colors such as red, orange and yellow energize people like sunlight. The use of multi-color colors has an exciting effect. Contrasting colors such as red and green, blue and orange, and pink and yellow enhance each other's strength and effectiveness when used together.


Pattern: Thick patterns are exciting. Thick patterns designed in contrast to each other attract attention. The more the pattern is used, the more vivid the room will become.

Surface: Hard and rough carpets give vitality. Because rough floors reflect light in various directions. It consists of various light and shadow combinations. This diversity creates a sense of vitality and movement.

Relaxing room
Colors: Using the colors at medium values ​​will give a feeling of comfort. Moderate contrast may be between colors, but should not be sharp. Bright colors or softened warm colors should be preferred.

Pattern: Linear patterns should be preferred. The patterns may be moderately contrasted. Patterns can be added if the room looks boring, but patterns can be removed from the decoration if the room looks moving.

Surface: Carpet surface can be preferred as smooth or less rough.

Cheerful Room
Color: Light and warm colors are cheerful. Yellow gives you joy like a shining sun. Adds brightness without narrowing the room.

Pattern: Especially pleasant patterns add joy to the room.

Seductive room
Color: For this purpose, the room should be covered with warm colored carpet. The combination of dim light and warm colors creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort inside.

Surface: Thick, rough and sweet touch carpets should be selected. This plays an important role in the atmosphere of the room. Thick and soft surfaces create a feeling of warmth as it affects the senses well. They also provide a special environment for absorbing sound.