Patchwork carpets are very popular in decoration in recent years. The most important feature of each hand-woven carpets, stitches and finishes are made by hand. These works of art, which praise the traditional, reflect the positive energy of colors and patterns in their environment.

patchwork rugs

The recycling mission of patchwork carpets, which is a piece of art that consists of carefully mending and combining old carpet pieces, also stands out. It is one of the biggest trends of recent times to evaluate it by renewing and using the old items by transforming them. Patchwork carpets are preferred for creating characterful areas in homes and social spaces as well as in homes. Because they are very colorful, patchwork carpets easily adapt to different decoration styles from classic to minimalist.

The rich combination of hand-sewn textures also highlights quality. The carpets, each of which are inspiring, have the feature of being complementary elements of the decoration with their original models.


Patchwork that retro vintage-style enthusiasts cannot give up history; carpet, home textile and fashion world as a trend that succeeds to take under the influence ...


* The most stylized way to reflect the blend & blend stream where you live is to choose a patchwork carpet on the floor. Each piece does not need to be compatible; Enjoy the combination of pieces that reflect your own style in the place you live.

* Strong color tones captured with natural dyes increase the effect of these artisan carpets in the space. Being unique with their flawless workmanship makes them one of the most preferred in living spaces.

* Extraordinary pleasure to carry the art of antique processing to your home with a special sewn patchwork carpet is priceless. Each of these unique designs that unite cultures is fascinating with their current interpretations.



These carpets are seen as symbols of devotion to our traditions from past to present. They carry precious memories to the future. Apex Patchwork series, which has a large number of collections and varieties that bear the traces of our culture, offers color and pattern alternatives as well as different size options to the living spaces.

patchwork carpet

Take advantage of the dynamic effect of patchwork carpets to add vitality to a monochrome or monochrome modern-style space

For those who cannot give up white, your only focus on decoration may be an elegant patchwork carpet with black & gray transition. Let it speak, everything around you stay calm.

We recommend that you try a patchwork carpet with a vibrant red, blue, turquoise pattern that accompanies your neutral colored wide L sofa in the lounge. You can decorate the couch with matching pillows and create a vibrant effect.


beige patchwork carpet

Pay a sitting corner with a dark wooden seat for a patchwork rug that emphasizes the nobility of brown and beige tones.

In a rustic themed lounge with antique white wood furniture, a monochrome patchwork / vintage carpet with vibrant turquoise transitions will complement the perfect elegance.


Patchwork fashion doesn't just stay on the floor with carpets; it is also reflected in home textile. Placed on a plain turquoise carpet, the colorful patterned patchwork upholstered pouf witnesses a stunning atmosphere in the space.

blue carpet carpet

The dynamic combination of fuchsia and red works wonders on the ground. It is possible to achieve an extremely striking effect, especially in a place with white furniture and natural stone applied walls.

carpetvintage carpet

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